They come in different resistance: from Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue.


After facing injury or having surgery, rehabilitation is essential; Therapy Putty is a pliable therapy tool that can be used for an array of exercises geared towards gaining back that strength, flexibility, and movement. Due to the ranging levels of putty included, it can easily be used by people of varying abilities throughout the progression of their recovery.

The putty is made with user-friendly materials that allow for a multitude of exercises with just one product. The putty can be stretched, pinched, pulled, squished, and rolled to target specific muscles and joints. Additionally, its soft texture and flexible nature makes it a great tool for reducing stress and providing a sensory outlet.

The putties come in separate airtight containers for convenient storage and easy transportation, so the therapy putty can be used virtually anywhere at any time. Because of its adaptability and ease of use, Therapy Putty can be used by licensed physical therapists in office, but it can just as easily be taken home by patients to use from the comfort of their desk or kitchen table.


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