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The Care Tec IV combines the waveforms of Russian, EMS, TENS and IF therapy in a portable unit.

CareTec II

The Care Tec II combine TENS and EMS therapy in one easy-to-use digital device.

EMS 5.0 Muscle Stim Analog Unit

The EMS 5.0 Muscle Stim Analog Unit is designed for personal use, however it is strong enough to be used in an office setting.

InTENSity Twin Stim IV

Two modalities in one user-friendly, ergonomic design – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES).

TENS 3000 Analog Unit, Three Mode

The TENS 3000 uses a microprocessor which gives exact dial performance and are as accurate as a digital unit, yet easy to operate